Vision & Mission

To transform Bangalore to an ideal global destination with high quality infrastructure, better quality of life by ensuring sustainable and planned development based on effective monitoring, regulation, through participatory and innovative approach.
Plan, regulate, control, monitor and facilitate urban development in Bangalore Metropolitan Area, to ensure sustainable and orderly growth.

This is Organization

The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) came into being with effect from 6th January 1976 under a separate Act of the State Legislature viz. the BDA Act 1976. This Authority combined in itself the Planning functions of the City Planning Authority and the developmental functions of the erstwhile CITB.
The Bangalore Development Authority came into existence in 1976 as a successor to the erstwhile City Improvement Trust Board. Development of Bangalore in a planned manner, creating quality infrastructure, provision of sites and services and catering to the housing needs of the underprivileged are the focus areas of the BDA.
Since inception, the BDA has allotted 76,000 sites to individuals for construction of residential dwellings. In addition, more than 800 civic amenity sites have been given for use by various public utilities, as also organisations, catering to the felt needs of the particular locality.
B.D.A. Cadre and Recruitment Rules have been revised and sent to Government for approval during April 2001.

Functions of the Departments :

  • The Administrative Department, handles all matters related to allotment of sites, houses, CA sites and their post allotment work. The functions also include assessment and collection of property tax for sites / houses and collection of lease amount from commercial shops.
  • The Department is also entrusted with the responsibility of all establishment and general administrative matters.
  • The Engineering Department is primarily concerned with the execution of various developmental schemes in the layouts and also construction of infrastructure works. The department also monitors the execution of water supply and underground drainage works in BDA layouts taken up by BWSSB and electrification works executed by BESCOM
  • The Town Planning Department is responsible for preparation and revision of the Master Plan for Bangalore Metropolitan Area, preparation of Layout Plans, approval of Development Plans for Layouts and Group Housing Schemes and generally assists the Authority in its function as the Planning Authority of Bangalore.
  • The Land Acquisition Department works in close liaison with the Engineering Department for the purpose of acquiring lands required for executing various developmental schemes.
  • The Finance Department renders advice to the Authority on various financial issues and is also entrusted with the responsibility for maintenance of the accounts of the Authority. This Department also oversees the demand, collection and balance of dues to the Authority.
  • The Law Department advises the Authority on various legal issues, handles litigations by and against the Authority in various courts, etc.
  • The Special Task Force Department also known as Vigilance Department protects the properties of BDA and Green Belt area from encroachment and unauthorised constructions.
  • Public Relation Wing looks after issues covering the media and public complaints.
  • Estate Section is concerned with the monitoring and management of property records, identification of encroachments of BDA lands and recovery of encroached lands by demolishing unauthorised structures.
  • This section also deals with allotment of shops / office space in BDA Complexes and collection of licence fee.
  • The Forest and Horticulture Department looks after works on environment, improvement of lakes, etc.
  • EDP Cell is entrusted with the task of computerisation of offices and records of BDA.